My Favorite Talks From Ignite Seattle 6

Over the past couple years, I’ve attended a few events hosted by various members of the Seattle tech community. Most of them are focused on running and promoting startup companies, but last month I had the chance to attend one that was purely centered around encouraging creative expression: Ignite Seattle.

If you aren’t familiar with Ignite, it’s a series of talks which are 5 minutes presentations, each with 20 auto-advancing slides. People are free to talk about whatever they want, since the goal is simply to share exciting and entertaining ideas with the community. Here’s a meta-talk by Scott Berkun about the format:

I could fill this space with more uninteresting text. Instead, I’m going to share some of the talks I enjoyed. Have fun watching, and hopefully you’ll quickly see why you should come along with me to the next Ignite, whenever that may be.