Blame It on Dreamhost.

Wondering what happened to this website and many others? Here’s an excerpt from an email that Dreamhost just sent me:

Unfortunately, because of the file server problems, in order to get your sites back up, you will now need to REUPLOAD all your content. We are still trying to recover the data from peeler, but at this point it looks like that process may take a few days, if it is even possible at all.

So, while I’m somewhat at fault for not doing my own offsite backups, Dreamhost has tremendously failed by:

  1. not maintaining their servers appropriately
  2. not having redundant backups
  3. not communicating with their customers in a timely manner (it took over 30 hours of downtime before I was sent an email)
  4. expecting customers to keep local backups of all of their content
  5. spending their energy promoting unlimited bandwidth and disk space to new customers instead of fixing the above issues

I can only hope that they will redeem themselves with some extraordinary customer support over the next few days. I can still say that Dreamhost has provided excellent service for the most part, but it’s the times like these that can make us forget about all of that in an instant.

For more information about this particular issue, see this post at the Dreamhost Status Blog.