Creating a Research Group

As is rather apparent at this point, I’m quite interested in utilizing the resources of the Virtual Knowledge Studio to conduct research related to the flow of information online and the social implications which follow. Of course, this range of interest is extremely broad, and I am definitely open to a topic that is outside of the range I outlined in my previous post. In particular, the discussion of virtual wayfinding techniques and the question as to how national identities are presented online have piqued my interest. I think that any of these ideas can effectively extend the research being done by other members of our group and can successfully make conclusions about the use and social implications of technology.

In terms of how I would like this research to be situated, my main goal for the trip is “international engagement,” so I have not seriously considered working towards published material. However, it is my perception that all or most of the research I am concerned with could be done without significant involvement of human subjects, since much of it could involve social network analysis and other related methods of study. If this turns out to be true, it might be worth pursuing the idea of a publication, as these topics are currently of wide interest to the academic community.

Challenges to be faced in the near future include the process of narrowing a research topic and creating a group where everyone is interested in and comfortable with the topic we choose to commit ourselves to. Let’s do this!