Sunil’s Got a Blog

In the past few years, the blogosphere has gone from zero to sixty million. My goal for this blog is not to simply add more noise to the deafening crowd, but to publish something relevant to a significant portion of the general public.

As Lawrence Lessig writes in Free Culture, an internet created and moderated by users like ourselves carries the potential to revolutionize the way we seek and value information:

The Internet has unleashed an extraordinary possibility for many to participate in the process of building and cultivating a culture that reaches far beyond local boundaries. That power has changed the marketplace for making and cultivating culture generally, and that change in turn threatens established content industries. The Internet is thus to the industries that built and distributed content in the twentieth century what FM radio was to AM radio, or what the truck was to the railroad industry of the nineteenth century: the beginning of the end, or at least a substantial transformation.

I strongly believe in the Internet’s potential as a resource for humanity, through the proliferation of useful user-created content. We’ve already seen this through numerous blogs or, more notably, Wikipedia.

This is my try.

I hope that you’re able to get something out of this. Thanks for reading.